Thursday, July 30, 2009

Greg McHatton Golf Swing

Here's a video of the swing of one of the big names in TGM Instruction, Greg McHatton.

Here's some still pics of the downswing:

Looks like a 'swinger' action with a nice amount of float loading involved.



Anonymous said...

Looks REAL good. How do you know he isn't hitting?

Rich H. said...

I know he pretty much sticks to teaching a 'swinging' pattern and everything about his swing screams 'swinging.' From the lagging clubhead takeaway and pitch elbow. He also float loads, which is usually a 'swinging' procedure, but you can hit and float load, just a little rare to see.

Kevin said...

First time I've seen that swing. Beautiful motion!


Greg Brown said...

That is a great motion, when I float load though I really get the face shut.

Is it me or is he playing it farther back than usual, if TGM teaches an inch or so off your left he for all clubs and adjust the width of your stance it seems like its closer to a few inches back?


Rich H. said...

Float Loading can be a powerful component to have in the golf swing. I think Lucas Glover float loads and he's a fantastic ballstriker. But I believe to float load you must have a lot of width in the backswing which McHatton and Glover do. However, I think many golfers do not strike the ball well if they get a lot of width in the backswing. I know it really didn't work for me and I spent a good 5-10 years trying it.

Sam Robert said...


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