Friday, March 13, 2009

Full Sweep Release and Circular Delivery Path

I got this swing sequence from David Orr's forum which can be found at

This is the swing release of somebody who employs the 'full sweep release' as described in 'The Golfing Machine.'

Notice the golfer does not have that lag angle of what somebody with a similar swing to Hogan would have.

The golfer above with the 'Full Sweep Release' has a 'Circular Delivery Path.' Meaning that from the FACE ON view, the hands go to the ball in a circular motion as noted by the yellow dots in the swing sequence above.

However, Hogan (and Lynn Blake) have a 'snap release' and that requires a 'Straight Line Delivery Path' which means the hands would move from the top to the ball in almost a straight line. Here's a pic showing the 'Straight Line Delivery Path', the red line is the actual path Aaron Baddeley's hands have taken on the downswing.

What do these swings have in common?

Well, from this angle you can see 2 of the 3 imperatives from Homer Kelley's 'The Golfing Machine.'

#1 Imperative - Flat Left Wrist at Impact

#2 Imperative - Clubhead lag *pressure* point

Those two imperatives create that forward leaning of the shaft which is seen here with the 'Straight Line Delivery Paths' of Baddeley, Hogan and Blake and the 'Circular Delivery Path' of the golfer above.

And all of the golfers above have a pretty darn good pivot action, allowing the first 2 imperatives to be more easily executed.

So regardless of whether you have that textbook snap release Hogan had or you're very 'sweepy' with that full sweep release like the golfer above, you can still hit the ball effectively if you're able to execute the 3 imperatives described in 'The Golfing Machine' and have an effective pivot.

Special thanks to Jeff Mann (, David Orr ( and Lynn Blake ( for the pics.


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